About Us


Our Mission: MANA (MA*NA), AMONG MELANESIAN AND POLYNESIAN PEOPLES, IS A SUPERNATURAL FORCE OR POWER THAT MAY BE ASCRIBED TO PERSONS, SPIRITS, OR INANIMATE OBJECTS. In the Pacific Islander culture, there is belief of a spiritual and healing energy called “Mana”. In a way, somewhat similar to “Chi” from Chinese Culture. Mana can be lost or regained through both physical and mental. We at ManaBall would like to think we help players that play with us, regain their mana, so that they can go back to conquering daily life in whatever they aspire to do. Basically, we’re here to show everyone a good time!

About Archery Tag®:

Archery Tag was created by John Jackson, the founder of DeerSpace®, Instinct Archery™, and Global Archery Products, Inc. In the spring of 2011, while working on a new archery product, there was the idea of placing a foam tip on an arrow and shooting each other with it. Within an hour or so the first prototype and a new sport was born! Over the past three years, John has been humbled and amazed to see how Archery Tag® has grown from a simple idea into a worldwide sport that is now enjoyed in dozens of countries spanning six continents.

As John travels around the United States, and other parts of the globe, he witnesses the same phenomenon: people of all ages, genders, and nationalities enjoying this unique sport that combines elements of dodgeball with the timeless sport of archery. His passion and commitment to share traditional archery with both young and old continues to be strong and unwavering as he diligently works to make the archery accessible and fun for everyone.

Archery Tag® is like dodgeball but with bows and arrows! Similar playstyle as paintball but without the hurt! The bows we use are recurve bows, not the modern style compound bow style, and arrows that have a "marshmallow" foam tip for the head. Archery Tag is so safe that the only area that's needed to be protected is one's head which we provide a face mask to each player. We're a very mobile business so we can practically be played on any surface and almost any condition! Can even be played on the snow or in water! Archery Tag® is gaining so much popularity that it has been featured on ESPN, The New York Times, ABC, CMA, FOX, and so much more! Bring out your inner katniss, Hawkeye, or Green Arrow and experience for yourselves the newest and coolest recreational sport that's rapidly spreading across the world!