Frequently Asked Questions


How does this work?

You’d just bring the party, we do all the work! from the set up, to the refereeing, to the close down.

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+ Just what is ManaTag?

Our business involves the sport of Archery Tag. Archery tag is played like dodgeball but with bows and arrows! No silly, NOT real arrows. Plastic arrows that have a marshmallow-like foam arrowhead and a plastic recurve bow with a 10 lb draw string.

+ How does this work?

So how this works is we do not sell archery tag equipment but rent them out. We do the setting up, the breaking down process, and also provide a referee to oversee gameplay and safety. Basically, you'd just bring the players, we do all the work! For a appointment to be successfully made, we'll need the following key information from you: Number of potential players, desired date of appointment, if you want a 1.5hr or 2.5hr rental, desired location of appointment, and source of payment.

+ How Many Players Can Play?:

We currently have a max inventory of 16 individual archertag equipment but definitely can accomodate more players if needed.

+ Where can Archerytag be played?:

Unfortunately we do not have a set location but our archerytag games can be played on any flat surface. Besides asphalt or sand. Perferably a area that is comfortably large enough for a small soccer game. EX: Enterprise park. Caldwell Park. Highland park etc. (We can provide you a list of parks that we personally have deemed safe and adequate space for our service.) We can even come to your backyard!

+ Date and duration of appointment?:

Don't be afraid to contact us, even if you don't have a set date and time yet in mind as we are flexible in scheduling with you. We just need a rough idea of what date(s) you'd "like" to shoot for and we can work from there. After angreeing on a date and time, we also will need to know how long of an appointment do you require. We have two options you can choose from: A 1.5hr rental or a 2.5hr rental. We use the first 30 minutes to set up and go over rules and safety with the players. (If need more time we definitely can customize to your needs.)

+ Purpose of appointment?

To help us prepare the best archerytag experience for your appointment, we'd like to know the purpose of your scheduling with us. For example, would it be for a birthday party? Corporate team building/bonding? or just want to knock your friends/family around? We have a long list of games that are customizable. Meaning we tweak our games to fit the type of appointment that you seek.

+ How can I provide payment?

We accept payment at the location of the scheduled appointment. Please let us know in advance though if one person or more is responsible for paying the rental fee. If sharing the cost with others and need to know how much the cost is per player we can definitely calculate for you.

+ Is Archerytag safe?

While the same risks apply with archerytag as any other contact sport, it actually is very safe. Our referees control gameplay so well, we have yet to have any players experience any physical injury. Every player is equipped with a mask that fully protects your head, wrist guards that protect your wrist from releasing the bow string, and a recurve bow. Players have expressed that the feeling of being hit by a archery tag is like being punched by a very small child. It doesn't hurt and you just "feel the pressure". As long as everyone abides to our safety and play rules, we can assure a fun and safe experience!

+ How old do I have to be to play ArcheryTag?

Recommended ages to play is 8 years or older. 17 years of age or younger must have our liability forms signed and accompanied by a supervising adult.

+ Can we do rentals outside of Redding?

You bet! We cover all of Northern California! But, customers are responsible for getting permission to use private/public property they've chosen for the appointment outside of the city limits of Redding. A fee of $.25/mile will be charged after 30 miles outside of central Redding. However, if appointment is for an event or special occasion, the fee possibly can be waived or negotiated.

+ What if a party member doesn't show up to the appointment?

If you scheduled and paid in advance, we'll immediately refund you that person's fee which could take up to 2-3 days. If didn't pay in advance, we simply will only charge for players that are present.